When it comes to building design, the ideal building and location is a highly subjective matter. We at Cartwright want to help you find the perfect building location, and help you make your architectural dreams come true. Ultimately, you are the one with the vision and desire and you know what you want. Our role is to make that a reality, as well as offer up advice to make sure your building is made correctly and in an ideal location. When it comes to location, a lot of people don’t spend enough time thinking about it! A lot goes into the perfect building location, and we want to help find that perfect spot for you.

How to pick a good lot to build on


There are a lot of factors and considerations to be made when picking a good lot, and they are entirely personal to you and your situation. There are a few standard factors that help people choose, though.




The neighborhood that you choose to house your business is incredibly important. It helps you present yourself to new and potential clientele. It also needs to be a place that appeals to people who are already loyal to you and your business. The perfect neighborhood for a law firm may not be the same perfect neighborhood for a bakery. What matters is that we do the research with you and find the perfect neighborhood for you.


Location within the neighborhood


This is another important thing to consider. You may have a great neighborhood, but where is the lot located within the neighborhood? If it will be hard to find or hard to access, it probably isn’t a great location for your business.


Orientation and the sun


Depending on your business, and the design of your building, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about the orientation of your building, such as which way it faces. Often, you don’t have a lot of control where your business space faces, but it’s still something important to consider.