The Relationship Between Scenery and Architecture

Whenever you approaching the construction of a new building, you want to take the scenery of the surrounding area into account. A good architect will know how to create a building to evoke wonder and awe, that will be a thing of beauty to fit exactly into the scenery around it. The experience between a building and its surroundings is a harmonious one, and the relationship between the two is a crucial part to every architecture project.

Using the environment to your advantage

When you are able to find a sense of harmony between your building and the environment around it, you are left with an emotional response. So many people don’t realize the beauty that a well made building can evoke, until they are faced with it, set perfectly within its surroundings. The best way to fully understand this harmony, is to experience it firsthand. When you next walk into a beautiful building or a beautiful room, ask yourself how it makes you feel. Trying to pinpoint what about that room makes you feel that way is a great way to begin to understand the harmony between architecture and scenery.

The role light plays in architecture

Lighting has always been an incredibly crucial part of any architectural project. From the way light streams into a room through the windows, to the way the sunrise breaks over the building in the morning, lighting is such an important role. Natural lighting is a crucial element in so many buildings, and when a building is being erected, this is something that an architect is going to be very aware of.

Architecture and its scenery in harmony

You should never view good architecture and the scenery around it as two different entities. A good architect will ensure that they become one throughout the duration of the project. During the creation of a new project, you’re really just expanding the existing relationship between nature and the community within it. So, you have to consider both the natural habitat, as well as the surrounding buildings. A bad architect will be intrusive, not giving any care of the beauty of nature, instead of letting themselves feel inspired. To have a truly beautiful building, one that moves viewers to feel emotional, you can never forget the scenery around you.

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