No matter what purpose your new building will hold, we know that it will be unique. Here at Cartwright, we have expertise within a vast range of different types of buildings. From multi-family housing, to office spaces, to restaurants. We have the experience, and the knowledge, to guide you through the planning and building process to bring your dream building from the idea stage, to the moment you step through the doors of your finished building.

Special consideration for restaurants


Some buildings are more easily used for multi purpose use, or can be easily used for a different purpose than what the building was originally built and intended for. However, when it comes to restaurants, you’ll find it easier to use a building that was previously a restaurant, or starting from scratch. It may seem authentic to build your restaurant out of an old home, but you’ll quickly realize that a standard home kitchen doesn’t have the capability you need to produce food in volume, and often doesn’t have the space to give it the adequate upgrades. We’re willing to work with you on any project, but we recommend starting over from scratch when it comes to building a new restaurant!


Aspects of a new restaurant


One of the reasons that it can be so important to have a dedicated space for your restaurant, is that there are a lot of technical aspects and building codes that you will have to meet, especially where your kitchen is concerned. A commercial grade kitchen that is easy to keep clean and sanitary is necessary in order to stay in business, and we’ve been able to create some stunning and functional commercial grade kitchens. We’re so excited to meet with you and get started on your project! Give us a call, and we’ll get started on your project today!