Minimalist Architecture Design Trends

We’ve all heard the term “less is more”. It may sound like a cliche, but we’ve seen a huge trend with minimalist architecture designs, especially in the last year. It’s been cropping up more and more in the architecture and design world, however, it is still a style that is relatively new, as it isn’t really apparent until the 1910s at the absolute earliest.

What is minimalist design?


Minimalism is all about designers expressing themselves with only the most basic and necessary elements, and getting rid of anything that may be excessive or unnecessary. With minimalism, you’re able to showcase the true form of what you’re designing, without it being bogged down by elements that just didn’t need to be there.


Minimalism in architecture


When referring to minimalism in architecture, it’s used to describe a subject that has been reduced to its absolutely necessary elements. This can mean focusing on the connection between two perfect planes, stunning lighting, and negative space. Minimalism likely came to be as a response to the chaos and business of urban life.


Our favorite minimalism concepts


The entire concept of minimalist architecture and design is to strip everything down to the essentials, to achieve simplicity. If you’re looking for a minimal design for your building, home, or office space, that doesn’t mean that your design needs to be, or even should be, plain. Minimalism is not synonymous with being ordinary. When looking at a space with a minimalist eye, you have to consider and pay attention to more detail, to the space, details, people, nature, and materials, and then draw inspiration from natural sources of light, air, sky, and earth. Truly the most beautiful minimalist designs we’ve seen have been inspired and influenced by the natural elements around them.


Basic geometric shapes and forms, simple materials in their beautiful and natural form, and elements without extra and un-needed decoration are our favorite minimalist architectural designs.


Simple and clean spaces


At the end of the day, minimalism is about simplicity, and highlighting the clean and open spaces that you’re working with. Whether you’re wanting to add minimalist designs to an existing space, or you’re starting from scratch, you simply can’t go wrong with a touch of minimalism.

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