At Cartwright, our team of architecture professionals strives to design and develop practical, beautiful, and sustainable industrial structures. We take our clients through the process of creating a new industrial site, from beginning to end, including these following steps:

  1. Planning

First, after consulting with the client, every architectural project starts by creating a master plan for how a new industrial structure will fit within a current development. This includes analyses on a variety of different building factors, such as existing facilities, safety, security, budget, and operational functionality.

  1. Architectural Design

Cartwright’s comprehensive architectural design services help our clients receive stunning and operational structures. These services include space planning, schematic creation, graphic renderings of designs, and model construction, so that our clients have a clear and transparent understanding of what their structure will entail.

  1. Documentation

Documenting each step of the architectural project is an component of architectural services. This documentation includes drawings, blueprints, schematics, legal documents, budgets, and procurement documents.

  1. Construction Management

Cartwright is a full-service architecture and engineering company, which means that we prefer to stay with a project from start to finish. After the planning, design, and documentation process, we also provide construction management services to work with contractors to ensure that the job is done to our standards.

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