The design and construction of secure and safe buildings is always our main concern and focus. Making sure that you are safe and feel secure is our main priority. This becomes increasingly important when it comes to manufacturing plants. The very nature of a manufacturing plant can be dangerous. Because of this, we work hard to include safety measures to put your mind at ease and ensure a safe working environment.

Fire Protection


Planning for fire protection in a building enables us to analyze all of the components of the building as a total will help us come up with a fire safety system package. This involves a handful of different components.

-Fire department access: we design buildings with the specific goal of making it easy for the fire department to access and navigate, provides quick access to fire alarm control equipment, fire pump room, hose valves, stairs and elevators, key boxes, etc.

-Fire hydrants

-Accessible exits

-Areas of refuge

-Fire detection systems, including mass notifications, to alert every room of the building quickly

-Automatic fire extinguishing system

-Safe electrical systems

-Fireproofing and firestopping


Occupant Safety and Health


Due to the sometimes dangerous nature of working in a manufacturing plant, there are additional safety measures to consider. Besides the normal emergency exit plan and emergency drills and safety training that you should administer to your employees, we can help you set up your building to be safer for your employees.

-Interior and exterior flooring that is non-slip and eliminate trip hazards

-Exterior walking surfaces that are not susceptible to freezing due to weather

-Adequate lighting in all rooms

-Guardrails and barriers to prevent falls

-Fall protection on roofs and other dangerous and high-risk areas of the building

-Adequate space and ventilation in electrical rooms

-Non-conductive flooring in electrical rooms

-Adequate drainage