How Simple Renovations Can Bring New Life Into Any Building

Often, when you see a building, or any space really, you tend to take it at face value. It’s hard to see it for anything other than what it is. But what you don’t see, is the potential beyond what’s already there, beyond what already exists. Small and simple renovations can absolutely transform any building or room.

Making a space seem bigger

One of the most common issues we run across when it comes to renovations, is a space seeming too small. It may not actually be too small, but there are a variety of factors that can contribute to making a room seem smaller than it actually is. One of the most common reasons for this, is the color of the walls in a room. The color of a room affects so much more than you would think. If it’s painted dark, it will feel smaller. A first step to making a room feel bigger, is to paint over the dark colors for something lighter and brighter. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the room white, although you are more than welcome to do that. You can have a bright and open feeling room without having to paint it white, though.

If your room really is just too small, you have the option of knocking down a wall or removing cabinets to force more space into the area. Make sure you consult with an architect before doing this, to ensure you aren’t knocking down something vital within the structure.

Your decor does more than you think it does

Your furniture and the way that you choose to decorate a room, speaks so loudly. When you’re looking at your space, take the architectural design into consideration before choosing your furniture and decor.

Small updates make a big impact

Hardware, paint colors, style of windows and doors, and your flooring decisions all make huge impacts on the appearance of your building. A renovation as simple as changing out carpet for hardwood or tile, changing all of your doorknobs, or painting cabinets will all drastically change the appearance of your space.

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