The holidays are a time to enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones, so you don’t want to spend all of your time stressed about having the perfect table spread or perfectly placed garlands. Holiday decorating can be easy and often, the most simple decorations are the most beautiful. If you’re seeking inspiration for decorating your home or office space, here are a few easy and simple holiday decor tips.

Decorate with candy


Festively striped candy canes are not only a delicious holiday treat, they’re great for decorating as well! We love a multi-functional decor item. Place them in a vase, tie them with twine and leave them in bundles, or hang them on your christmas tree. Red striped butter mints are also great for decor, as well as any brightly colored candy that you can easily fill a vase or decorative bowl with.


Sprigs of pine


Pine is a beautiful and minimalistic way to decorate for the holidays, and it’s incredibly easy to come by! Snip a few sprigs off your tree, or go buy a bundle of loose sprigs from your local Christmas tree farm. Use them to decorate tablescapes, to adorn the tops of wrapped gifts, or tucked almost anywhere in your home, to add a bit of extra festive cheer.


Pine cones and poinsettias


Continuing to draw inspiration from nature, both pine cones and poinsettias are perfect for holiday decorations. Pine cones are a rustic decoration that will bring a bit of interest to any area of your home. We recommend placing them in bundles around candles, or filling a vase with the brown beauties. Poinsettias are the perfect way to add color and a delightful smell to your home or office space.




You can’t go wrong with garlands, and you honestly can’t have too many garlands. Craft them into wreaths for the outside of doors, or string simple garlands along countertops, desks, and tables. This bit of bright greenery brings life to any room and automatically makes any room or space just a little bit more festive.




There’s something about cold weather that has us lighting candles more often. They don’t provide warmth, but there’s something about that soft light that has us swooning and in the merriest mood. Simple white candles make a bold statement, and can have a place just about anywhere in a given space.