Benefits of Forward Facing Lobby Architecture

In times past, when it came to architecture, luxury was synonymous with space. Or rather, an excess of space. Of course, that wasn’t the only indicator of true luxury. Intricate designs, finer constructions, and multiple bathrooms have also always indicated luxury. However, as time as continued forward, the definition of luxury has evolved. Gone are the spacious rooms that we once knew. Even some of the most luxurious spaces are smaller and smaller. What does this mean? This means that we have to pay closer attention to the architectural details that make up smaller spaces to ensure that they are both functional and luxurious, even if it isn’t very spacious.

Lobbies and their architecture


When it comes to lobbies and receptionist areas, the specific layout of a space is incredibly important. Especially when the space is small, you have to take advantage of what space you do have to still exhibit a luxurious space that doesn’t feel cramped.  


One of the most effective ways to do this, is by creating a front facing lobby. It welcomes people into the space, as well as taking advantage of the given space very well. You’re able to not only utilize this space effectively, but it will leave a considerable amount of space available, to give the appearance of a larger lobby.


Receptionist desk and seating areas


The most important thing to keep in mind to effectively pull off a forward facing lobby layout, is to carefully pick out the receptionist desk as well as seating area. You’ll want the receptionist desk backed up against the farthest wall. This will welcome guests into the area, and leaves the rest of the room open for seating.


Carefully select seating that goes with the overall style of your building/establishment, and make sure that it is cohesive with the type of receptionist desk that you choose. We also recommend accenting this seating area with one or two end tables, instead of placing a coffee table. This is because it takes up less space, and completes the same job while being out of the way. A coffee table can easily become bulky and get in the way of your guests comfort. Often, you want this seating to be indirectly facing the receptionist. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re staring at the receptionist, and instead, create a friendly atmosphere.

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