Cartwright AEC

Since 1978, Cartwright has provided professional design services. Our design experience ranges from small remodels and additions to the programming and design of new buildings. Cartwright has focused on civic, institutional, and commercial projects since its founding. Our specialties include complex projects that require multiple design services.

At Cartwright, the process begins with an assessment of the client’s building needs, including budget and schedule. Next, research is performed to determine applicable standards, codes, environmental loads, occupant loads, materials, and systems. Each project is unique with a specific matrix of systems, materials, and load demands. After research, the design begins and ends with construction documents suitable for bidding and construction.

Cartwright AEC is committed to creating, enhancing, and sustaining our built and natural environments through comprehensive engineering, architecture, and construction management techniques. We understand the importance of infrastructure and how an integrated approach to engineering and architectural design must enhance these amenities.

Since our founding, we have been providing these services for clients throughout North America and the Pacific Isles.

Steve Theurer

Steve combines an engineering background with project management training and experience to deliver full professional design services to clients. He focuses on close interaction and collaboration with clients and project teams in order to deliver successful projects which accomplish the client’s objectives. Steve has led structural engineering projects of varying size and scope. A particular focus in recent years has been on the renovation of existing structures. This has included multiple seismic analyses and seismic upgrades to existing buildings. Steve has also worked on energy projects, national defense contracts, and new building construction for the public and private sectors.

Justin Campbell

Since early in his career, Justin has gained experience from working on projects that range from large auditoriums and office buildings to small additions and remodels. As principal architect, he is in charge of all architecturally-led projects. Materials and systems are selected for each individual project to improve the building performance while being sensitive to the building’s aesthetics and history. Justin is committed to attention to detail, constructability, compatibility of materials and systems, durability, ease of maintenance, and minimization of life cycle costs. These qualities demand not only a command of design, but also a thorough knowledge of how materials and systems react and coexist together.

Joshua Plenert

Joshua began his career in the AEC industry as a rough framer and has worked his way up through various aspects of construction, construction management, facilities management, structural engineering, project management, and engineering management. Joshua is also an experienced adjunct professor, lecturer, and author in both technical engineering and engineering management. At Cartwright, Joshua has enjoyed contributing to the development of 2 successful branch offices. He has been involved with projects ranging from minor maintenance repairs, to seismic upgrades, to multimillion dollar new ground-ups. Joshua is very passionate about contributing to the advancement of the AEC industry and takes personal pride in every project with which he has the opportunity to be involved.