How to Find The Best Architectural Firm For Your Commercial Building

Finding an architect, or finding anyone in any given field for an upcoming project, is increasingly easy thanks to the internet. That may not always be a great thing, though. The information you can find online is never a substitution for human connection, and so you should never hire someone without first meeting with them. […]

4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Remodel Is A Good Idea

Often, business owners think of remodeling their office space, accompanied shortly thereafter by a throbbing headache. It’s off putting, to know that you will have to disrupt and even potentially halt your business proceedings in order to accomplish your remodel. While there may be a few temporary interruptions and inconveniences as a result of your […]

4 Things You Should Share With Your Architect

Going into an architectural project, as a consumer, is an exciting yet somewhat nerve wracking experience. You have a vision in mind for this building or renovation, but you personally don’t have any way of making that vision come into reality. This is why hiring an actual architect for this sort of project is vital […]

How Simple Renovations Can Bring New Life Into Any Building

Often, when you see a building, or any space really, you tend to take it at face value. It’s hard to see it for anything other than what it is. But what you don’t see, is the potential beyond what’s already there, beyond what already exists. Small and simple renovations can absolutely transform any building […]

3 Architecture Trends on The Rise

As with any medium, trends within the architecture and design world are constantly changing and morphing. With these trends, we’re able to become more innovative, and see more creative answers to challenges architects and builders have faced for years. We accept these trends with open arms! There’s nothing better than finding new and better ways […]